Hi, I’m Bart Pekala. I’m determined to make some stickers today.

My only question is, will it be yours?

Social media sticker kit

Any questions? Drop me an email

 It is my hobby to make custom car sticker for cars.

Clear vinyl decal is removable, weather proof, and easy to apply.

A high quality product that is placed on top of your car or laptop and any other flat surface such as glass or painted wall.

Vleporama decals are cut in vinyl so there is no background.

Transfered on surface makes proffesional look.

Free stickers at Vleporama

I do vinyl cut stickers right from my home!

They are perfect as custom car decals for your ride.

Need stickers?


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freelancer at work

Great stickers for freelancer laptop lids

Best sticker company in Poland

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best and cheapest Custom car decals in Hungary. Posted by mail across world.